Summer fun with your pets during quarantine can be complicated.  Trying to find activities that are both safe and open can be a challenge.  Here are 5 activities for both you and your pet that are safe and follow all social distancing protocols.

1. Go for a walk! It will help your dog burn off their excess energy and give you a good reason to get out of the house.  As it gets warmer, it is a good idea to go for either an early morning walk or an evening walk to avoid the heat of the day.  Make sure that you keep your dog on a leash to protect them.

2. Teach your dog to do new tricks! Stuff like sit and shake may sound cliché, but dogs enjoy the stimulation and reward of learning new things.  Dogs need to be stimulated and they also enjoy the company of the “pack” by spending time with you.

3. Set up a scavenger hunt! Use your dog’s sense of smell to encourage them to find treats that you have hidden throughout your house. How fast they are able to find it will depend on how intelligent they are, but either way they will have fun.

4. Remember your cat! Cats do not always need their human family as much as dogs, but they can still benefit from your time at home.  Cats love boxes and building them a small fort to play in can be fun.

5. Quarantine can give you lots of playtime with your dog, if your dog is in good health try playing with a frisbee, fetch, tug of war, and with their toys.  Encourage them to have positive play with you to help increase the bond you have with them.

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