According to Dr. Weiss with the ASPCA, 16% of dogs & 12-18% of cats are likely to go missing at least once in five years.

Most of the time, pets get lost when we least expect it; someone leaves a door open; they break out of the gate; loud unexpected noises scare them off.  Many times, they stay close to home and we can get them back to their owners, but what about the other times?  Collars and tags can come off leaving the animal unable to be identified.  So how can you give them extra protection?  Get them microchipped!

Microchips are small computer chips which are implanted under your pet’s skin.  The data on the chip can be registered to your pet, which when scanned, provides the animal shelter or veterinary hospital the contact information of the owner through the microchip’s registry.   The chip is small (about the size of a grain of rice) and easy to implant.  For more information on why you should get your pet a microchip click on this article from

Imperial Highway Animal Clinic uses HomeAgain microchips with the first year and registration included in the price.

Please ask us about getting your pet microchipped today!

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